Engraved Metal Pet Tag


The sample tags in the photo are actual engraved tags, and all were photographed at the same time - so colors from one to the next are very accurate.

Need a pet tag for your collar or other leather items? You can visit www.loveyourpets.com and order it directly from the maker. That's the place I order from when anyone asks. Get it yourself directly to save time. I prefer this because it saves me time too. BUT, if you live outside the USA and it's too expensive for shipping, OR if you prefer to have a tag sent with a collar that is, for instance, a gift for someone, then I can order it from these folks for you.

Please do not order tags from me without leather items. I do not engrave them myself and all it does is delay your order. Customers concerned about sexy sayings like "BITCH" "SLUT" or "PROPERTY OF MASTER X" need not worry, this company has engraved tags with those phrases for me in the past.

You need to tell me what you want engraved on the tag... you get up to 6 lines of text, and up to 24 letters/numbers/spaces per line. You can do any letter or number, and most of the "shift" characters above the numbers on the standard American keyboard. These are possible: , . ! @ # $ % & ( ) + - =
However, these are not possible: * ^ _ ~ ` { } [ ] | < >
All letters will be upper case only. It's block print, you can not choose a font.

Too limiting? Feel free to order a tag from anywhere on the www you like! I suggest a google search for "engraved pet tag".

In addition to needing the info you want engraved, tell me the shape/size of tag you want, and the color/material. here's a list of the choices:

Red Aluminum
Green Aluminum
Blue Aluminum
Hot Pink Aluminum
Purple Aluminum
Black Aluminum
Stainless Steel (shiny silver colored)
Brass (unlacquered, will develop patina over time)

Info from the maker: Tags are permanently engraved (etched with a scribe, not a laser) and come with split rings for easy attachment.

Tag Materials

ALUMINUM tags are light weight but sturdy. They are .050" thick which gives them strength while still allowing them to be feathery light. Because the engraving is a silver color, they are the easiest to read. All of the aluminum tags are anodized with a color coating that resists scratching.

STAINLESS STEEL is the most durable material for tags and has a bright silver color. The stainless steel tags are .040" in thickness.

BRASS tags are classy and tough. The brass tags are .040" in thickness. They are not lacquer coated and so the shine will soften to an antique patina over time. But that shine is easily restored with light polishing if you prefer.

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