2 inch tall Cone Spikes


I really don't know who will want these, but I offer them just in case. It's like, who needs those cop killer bullets? Ok, maybe it's not that extreme. No, it is, really. Giant height in a thin and deadly package. Watch where you throw your hands, or you might put out an eye - and continue on to do some brain damage while you are at it! Spikes are TWO inches tall and about 1/4 inch wide at the base. Be sure your insurance is paid up (or your running shoes have plenty of sole) before donning these tricky harbingers of pain.

2 Inch spikes have the same base diameter as the half inch variety, with a steeper taper. Just like the half inch cones, these fit flush to the strap, the cone taper goes all the way from the tip to the base.

Tell me in the notes for your order how far apart you want them spaced. If you have any other ideas about how to place them, be sure to tell me. If you forget to say, I will bug you in regular e-mails until you squeal.

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