Rotary Leather Punch


This rotary punch ain't nothin' special. However, if you live in the boonies and your local Ace Hardware store wants $39.99 for one just like this, well, you'd have been better off getting it from Lagarto.

Punch tubes are NOT replaceable. This is not a problem, though, since when a tube fails as a result of your trying to punch a hole in sheet metal for that A-Team project you were working on, you'll probably throw the punch at the concrete driveway and permanently bend it's cheap handles out of position. Be sure to wear eye protection before throwing this rotary punch at the concrete driveway, as in a few unfortunate cases of rage like this - someone has lost an eye - and a lot of self respect along with it. You'd think that more eyeless dumbasses would be out in public - but I guess fortunately for us city folk, those eyeless wunderkind tend to settle in a trailer home in the middle of nowhere and just stay there for the rest of their miserable days, wallowing in their own shame and bathtub gin.

For your internet pleasure, you may also find this punch at Tandy Leather Factory, item number 3220-00. Go ahead and buy it directly from them if you prefer. I got mine from them, so you can too. Oh, wait... you'll pay more for both the item AND the shipping too. Again, you'd have been better off getting it from Lagarto.

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