Powder Coating of any metal parts (per piece)

Starting at: $2.00

Want metal pieces in black (or color), with high-durability powder coating? Sure! $2 per small piece to be blasted rough & coated smooth. 4 rivets count as one piece. This means if you have a collar with a buckle, keeper loop, 10 rivets, and a D-ring, buy 6 of this product.

Buckles LARGER than 1 inch, O rings larger than 1.5 inch, and Triangle-O ring sets count as 3 parts (because of their large surface area, complexity of coating, and space required in the oven)

Ask me about the options first if you need help or want an accurate count. I can refinish brass, stainless steel, or nickel plated items. Spikes, domes, and any metal hardware can be blasted clean/rough, and durably powder coated. If you are unsure of how many pieces to add to your order, just make a good guess. I will adjust your total if you make a math error.

Please note: snap hooks and trigger snaps both have moving parts, which must be coated during manufacture, to avoid having "bald spots" where the coating can not reach (this coating is done pre-assembly). As such, I CAN coat these in color, however, only black will have no bald spots. The snap hooks on leashes have a sliding bolt, which will permanently stick CLOSED, so these type of snap hooks are only available in black.

If your preferred color is not listed, there is a $22 extra charge to order a new powder color. Ask me about this PRIOR to making an order for a non-listed color.

Chameleon Green is an extra $1 per piece, as this is a 2 part kit that requires a lot more labor and twice the coatings.

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