Four Rivet Padlock Staple


Ready to have some fun? Try adding one of these to your leather straps. They can fit on any size cuff or collar with at least a 1" wide strap.

Will be added after the buckle. Your straps will have oblong holes cut to fit easily over this U-shaped staple. Staple is placed vertically (bars of the staple come close to the edges of the strap), so any strap 1" or wider can use it. Holes can be placed half inch apart, for fine adjustment of both cuffs and collars.

Uses any padlock, so provide your own or buy a tiny one from Lagarto. Maximum padlock shackle thickness is 5/16ths of an inch. You can also pass rope (width up to 5/16ths of an inch) through this staple.

This post is ideal for collars and cuffs alike. This post is installed near the end of the strap, right past the keeper loop.

Please keep in mind: this restraint is primarily decorative. Never tie someone up against their will. If they want out, get the key to the lock, or have a scissors ready to cut the strap!

This item is the #3 in the photo below, to give you a comparative idea on size. Plate base is 1 inch by 1.125 inches. Staple dimensions: outside is 5/8", inside is 5/16", 1/8" thick, height from the plate is 11/16", plate base is 1/16" thick.

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