BACK-TO-BACK bonding on any strap


If you want chap leather for the color selection (like shiny red metallic, or UV Reactive Green), but need the durability of THICK Latigo, then you need a bonded strap. What I do is take your choice of color Latigo or Bullhide, and on top of that, bond the thin chap. You then get the best of both worlds - color choice PLUS strength.

I use industrial adhesive, the same kind used in the production of leather shoes. Price is per strap (so 1 collar, 1 cuff, etc). Add this product to any collar or cuff. Bond is guaranteed for life, so if it ever separates, I will replace it for free.

It's possible to add edge stitching also, if you so desire. It's not necessary for strength, but will certainly not make the strap any weaker.

In the notes for your order, specify both the chap color material you want, plus the under-strap color. For instance, if you want UV Green chap, in the notes, choose "UV Green Chap with Green Latigo". If you don't specify and I can't get a hold of you by e-mail, I will default to black latigo in thick 9oz, for the under strap (that's what is pictured here, silver foil chap with black latigo under)

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