Leather Coasters - double layer, you choose the colors


Lagarto wanted a set of leather coasters, so he spent nearly $1000 on a clicker. Then he spent even more on a die to make awesome round coasters with fluted edges. Now he has to justify that expense, and recover some of the cost. STUPID GATORS.

These really are amazing, and made from premium cuts of moccasin leather. This is a heavy leather (1/8th inch thick), with excellent pebble grain. Doubled, these are as thick as 1/4 inch!

Why so expensive? Basically, this is TWO of the normal single layer coasters, with the added labor of cementing them together. If you want something more economical, check out the other options in this category.

Choose from any of the colors listed for the primary layer. Then tell me in the notes at check out what second color you want. This can be thin deer hide, or latigo, or another layer of moccasin buffalo/bullhide. The two layers are bonded together with permanent cement. Cut as one piece after cementing makes the edges perfect.

Buy 1 or 100, whatever your needs happen to be.

Hey, Lagarto, I want a color I don't see in your list. Hey, customer, how about chap? What is CHAP LEATHER? Simple - it's a soft and medium thickness leather used for chaps - those things cowboys wear over their jeans to protect their front upper legs. Unlike Latigo leather, Chap leather is somewhat stretchy. It makes a fine strap if you don't put a lot of stress on it. What is the advantage of chap over latigo? NONE, except it is available in EVERY COLOR YOU CAN IMAGINE. So, if you desire something really unique, choose chap and ask me about colors. The list is long. I don't have many colors on hand. Check the lower left side of any page on this website under "Finest Materials" for a current list of chap hides I have in house. Any color not on that list needs to be ordered. This will take an extra week or so and add that much time to your order completion. If you require the durability of latigo but want the color of chap, I can bond chap to latigo and make a double thick strap. This is labor intensive, though, so it will cost you an extra $10 per strap if you want a double. If I make you a double, it can be with any of the latigo colors in the drop down list. Specify in the notes for your order that you want a double, and choose the color or I will use black. I will manually re-price your order, no need to worry about a thing.

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