Finest Materials

All of Lagarto's leather products are made using materials that are by-product of the food industry. No animals were raised specifically for their hair or hide. Lagarto only builds with the hides of herbivores, including buffalo, cow, deer, elk, and rabbit. Lagarto will not use the hides of omnivores or carnivores like pigs, reptiles, vulpines, and others.

The leather used is the finest available in the world - supplied by the best and most reliable tanneries. It is purchased as entire hides (or sides), and is precisely cut for use in the finished products available here. Range marks and scars are left out as scrap, so your pieces are perfect.

Because some people have allergies to Nickel and nickel finished metal hardware, ALL collars and cuffs have interiors that are all leather - No metal will touch your skin from any rivets. Stainless steel hardware is used for all builds (unless you select brass), including buckles, keeper loops, D-rings, O-rings, and rivets - so if you have sensitivity to Nickel, no need to worry! The only nickel plated hardware offered is with the decorations & locking components, so please ask BEFORE ORDERING if you have any concerns. Snap hooks used for leashes and cuff connectors may be upgraded to stainless steel if you request it, for $2 per hook. As of June 2016, all new builds will be made with stainless steel domed rivets, instead of the nickel plated steel type I'd been using. This does not apply to current convention stock being liquidated during Anthrocon 2016, Rocky Mountain FurCon 2016, or online. It took me YEARS of searching, but I finally found a manufacturer who was willing to make my rivets out of 304 Stainless Steel, just like my buckles and rings.

Do you want a crazy color for your collar? Do you need to match an exact swatch of fur for your cuffs? Then how about chap? What is CHAP LEATHER? Simple - it's a soft and medium thickness leather used for chaps - those things cowboys wear over their jeans to protect their front upper legs. Unlike Latigo leather, Chap leather is somewhat stretchy. It makes a fine strap if you don't put a lot of stress on it. What is the advantage of chap over latigo? NONE, except it is available in EVERY COLOR YOU CAN IMAGINE. So, if you desire something really unique, choose chap and ask me about colors. The list is long. I don't have many colors on hand. Any color not listed below needs to be ordered. This will take an extra week or so and add that much time to your order completion. If you require the durability of latigo but want the color of chap, I can bond chap to latigo and make a double thick strap. This is labor intensive, though, so it will cost you an extra $10 per strap if you want a double. If I make you a double, it can be with any of the latigo colors in the drop down list. Specify in the notes for your order that you want a double, and choose the color or I will use black. I will manually re-price your order before you are billed.

Here are the chap colors I currently have in house:
Black (smooth)
Black (textured)
Brown (dark chocolate brown)
Brown (tobacco middle brown)
Light Lime Green
Lime Green
Forest Green
Baby Blue
Royal Blue
Flesh Pink
Hot Pink
Fuchsia (purplish red)
Metallic Red (durable foil coating on top of chap leather)
Metallic Gold
Metallic Green
Metallic Baby Blue
Metallic Royal Blue
Metallic Purple
Metallic Hot Pink
Metallic Silver
UV Reactive Orange
UV Reactive Yellow
UV Reactive Green
UV Reactive Hot Pink

Latigo and Bullhide (belt leather) colors:

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