Payment Methods

Especially convenient for all customers, you may pay using your credit card. This store has its own merchant account and will directly process your card transaction. Your card will be billed by "Lagarto Custom Leather". Your card is processed offline after your order is reviewed - so do not expect an instant authorization to appear on your card account.

If you are concerned about card security, instead of inputting your ACTUAL card information, use the following at check-out:
4111-1111-1111-1111 for the card number
12/20 for the expiration date
123 for the CV2 (card code on the signature stripe, or for Amex card holders, the 4 digit code on the FRONT of the card)

Then, call 424-242-8672 and leave a voicemail with these three pieces of card information. Your phone call is secure, your data is secure, and this method IS FULLY PCI COMPLIANT for merchants with the type of account Lagarto utilizes.

If you prefer, you may contact @ByLagarto on TELEGRAM (the app) and use end-to-end encryption to send the card data. I suggest you contact me on telegram FIRST to make sure you're not accidentally talking with the wrong person.

As soon as possible, this zen-cart website will be replaced with OpenCart and Amazon Payments. Until that's complete, please call or telegram for the highest level of card security.

Send Lagarto payment by postal mail to pay for your order. Use registered mail if you are concerned about tampering or loss. The cost of sending registered mail is about $13 within the USA, and varies with foreign post offices. EXPRESS MAIL is unnecessary, do not use that service.

Lagarto does NOT have any accounts set up with ANY online payment services (like alertpay, skrill, PP, or others). If you have no credit card and do not wish to mail a payment, please buy a prepaid card at your choice of retailer and use that to make a credit card payment.
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