Rubber Products Information

Lagarto uses the same techniques and metal parts for rubber building as leather building. There are some benefits and concerns with rubber versus leather that you should understand before making a decision about the right gear to purchase.

1. Rubber is NOT AS STRONG as latigo leather. If you put extreme stress on rubber, it will rip. Light play is fine, but if you see it stretching and narrowing, STOP before you shred your gear.

2. Rubber used by Lagarto is a synthetic rubber product, so if you have a latex allergy, no worries.

3. You can get your rubber wet and keep it wet (unlike leather, which will eventually split/crack from immersion in water).

4. You can WASH your rubber gear - in plain tap water, or with a little soap if your gear gets greasy from body oils or other foreign materials.

5. Bodily fluids will not harm your rubber gear. Rinse fluids away with tap water prior to storing your gear.

6. While most people find the smell of leather quite pleasant, rubber is definitely rubber. If you like the smell of your local tire shop, you'll like the smell of rubber gear. It's not super strong, but if you don't like the way rubber smells, don't order a rubber collar.

Do you have any questions about what you can or can't do with your gear? Please use the "contact Lagarto" tab at the left of any page on this website.
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