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AS OF SEPTEMBER 22, 2016: If you do not want to input your credit card details into the website directly, call with your card details and leave a voicemail - or use the telegram app. More instructions on how to pay are here

Also, The currency selector has been removed. Customers not using US Dollar backed credit cards should use to estimate the order total in their choice of currency. Card issuers may charge fees for both currency conversion and international transactions, so allow for up to 5% additional cost. Most card issuers charge 1-2% extra fees for cross-border transactions.

Follow the latest updates on Twitter, @bylagarto - where you will also see your order in a photograph before it ships. This is a Safe-For-Work business only account.

If you are not offended by adult content, and want to see explicit images of adults wearing my gear, check out @LagartoGear on Twitter.

You may contact me on the Telegram app - username is @ByLagarto

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See my history on this no longer updated FurAffinity page.

Find all your favorite items you have seen at a Lagarto Custom Leather convention dealer table. If you are new to the store, or have never seen Lagarto Custom Leather at a furry convention, have a look around. You are sure to find something fun :)~
Lagarto is a furry, with convention dealer tables since 2002, and is now building the finest personal leather strap goods available in the world.

The leather stitching machine I use will punch through 3/4 of an inch thick stack of leather. I use 277 Nylon thread for high visibility and superior strength. Add decorative stitching to any item, or choose your color of stitches on my unique harnesses, leashes, and more.

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